Trinity Road Community Garden, Easton, Bristol (Updated)


Trinity Road Community Garden, Easton, Bristol (Updated)

Updated with photographs

Previously posted May 6, 2013.

It was March the first time I visited this garden and the first thing that struck me was the warmth in the polytunnel. Polytunnels are not the most beautiful of things from the outside, but they are beautiful on the inside, beautiful in the sense that they create a fine environment and reward human beings with their marvellous functionality. Like making it feel like the south of France in late spring when it is march in cold England. Their grape vine (inside the polytunnel) was in leaf, an amazing site to my horticulturally starved eyes. There was also lots of mustard and other leaf vegetables in an advanced state of development.

I have always been sceptical of the new-age anarcho green scene, of which there is a lot in evidence here, but this garden is quite a nice piece of outreach to the boring cardigan wearing masses. The sustainable gardening movement still needs to answer the fertility and yield question: “if my broccoli are going to be smaller using organic methods just why should I abandon my chemicals?”. The broccoli I saw here in late summer were quite small but healthy enough.

This isn’t a show garden, you are done looking after 10 minutes, but if you come from Bristol and are interested go over and have a look. You can wander in, it’s attached to the trinity centre car park.

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