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Be Careful What You Wish For…

Last time I expressed a little boredom with my ongoing 4 year experiment in keeping a Dwarf Green Curled Kale alive long past its allotted 2 years (as a brassica). Well, the bloody thing was battered by a moderately strong wind and broke in two. It is still alive, just much smaller than it was. This might be serendipitous as I didn’t have the courage to dig it up after so long nurturing it, and this event has given me the chance to back out gracefully. But it may not be the end for our brave curly kale – or at least not its genes. I am going to take a cutting and see whether or not regrowing it each year has better results.  Read More


Egyptian Onions / Tree Onions / Walking Onions – Harvesting

Egyptian topsetting onionsThis interesting onion has many names but all the variety names pretty much behave the same way. I’ll call it the Egyptian Onion from now on (or EO). It propagates by dividing like a shallot as well as by bulbils (or what most of us call incorrectly sets) which grow at the top of flower stalks in a clump. You may get flowers as well but what interests those of us that bother to hunt down this plant is that the bulbils grow where the flower should be. It is attractive in the garden, a talking point to visitors and edible. Read More

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