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Vegetative propagation of annuals

Perennial Vegetables by Martin Crawford (along with Forest Gardening by the same) is my bible. All the pages are falling out because I read it so often. I agree with the basic premise of it: that annual vegetables are hard work and suck the ground dry of nutrients, and that perennial vegetables give year on year. I don’t agree that all of the vegetables included in his books are actually that edible. The idea is that you replace all your annual veg with perennial versions – so replace carrots with scorzonera, ragged jack kale with daubenton kale, onions with shallots and peas with perennial sweet peas. Unfortunately eating sweet peas (lathyrus) will paralyze your legs if you eat them as a staple for weeks on end. So…bog standard annual green peas it is then!. Read More


Alliums, perennial brassicas, good weather, yields and adaptability

I have to be adaptable, slugs ensure this by setting my plants back, so I roll with the punches and change plans for the garden quickly and decisively. The good weather is making any old pot plant leap into action the moment I plant it. It’s not just the slugs and snails either, it is the caterpillars that are really doing my head in, and they are now well and truly in season. I have three types of non-flowering perennial kale (Daubenton, Taunton Dean and Ewiger Kohl), four types of flowering perennial brassica (Kailaan, Wild Cabbage, Nine Star Perennial Broccoli and “9 ans Portugese Couve”) and 2 types of traditional biennial brassica (a nice hispi type cabbage and a bog standard purple sprouting broccoli) which I am attempting to reproduce vegetatively. All of these brassicas are getting slaughtered by the cabbage butterflies, but I won’t have a net in the back garden (I use nets on the allotment) for aesthetic reasons. If the damage gets worse I may change my mind. Read More

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