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A Spring Start in the Back Garden

Another good day in the back yard and what beautiful spring weather. I may be tempting fate but Spring seems to have arrived a month earlier than last year. Seeds are germinating and herbaceous perennials are popping their heads up out of the ground. I have been busy removing the mulch in the back garden, the reason being my number one enemy (the slug) thrives under vegetative rubbish and also because I want the soil to warm up and mulch can delay the soil warming. I’m not going to compost it though, I am going to continue its use as mulch both for preserving moisture for my potted plants and for progressive mulching for potatoes. Read More


Overwintering Chilis, Aubergines and African Blue Basil

My ChilisThat’s it, it is too cold and time for my annual attempt to overwinter tender plants. I should of course give up such a mad endeavour and accept the british climate is what it is and tender plants are what they are. But hope springs eternal and the winter is not that long, is it? It has not all been total failure, two years ago I succeeded in overwintering three chili plants (thus proving it wasn’t a fluke) which cropped well again the next year but succumbed to the next winter. It was gutting.  Read More


Annuals vs Perennials

Perennial vegetable growing is a bit of a buzzword for permaculture types and very often the question is asked – why are annual veggies grown when perennial ones are just so much easier and sustainable?. Take rhubarb and asparagus, frinstance, very traditional perennial veg that everyone knows about – big yields and very popular on allotments everywhere. Why have we not replaced all our annuals with such fine perennial equivalents? Read More

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