Special Plants Nursery, Marshfield


Special Plants Nursery, Marshfield

[mappress mapid=”8″]I am a regular here because it is a nursery that sells plants that are very special, to me at least. It is in a pretty location up on Lansdown, between Bristol and Bath. It is hard to say what the nursery specialises in but I have bought quite a few plants there. Here’s a list of some of them:

  • African Blue Basil (Sold as a woody stemmed bush when I bought it). Edible. It is a perennial if you protect it indoors over winter but we are just too poor to keep the house warm enough and I have failed twice to keep them alive. People do keep them alive, though, so if you like your central heating buy one. I’ll buy another one this year and keep banging my head against the proverbial.
  • Opium Poppies. Different varieties like pom poms and purple frilly ones. This is the only nursery I know that does this.
  • A sea shore edible I don’t know the name of.
  • Toadflaxes, different types with different coloured flowers. I am interested in these because, not only are they pretty but they mine and recycle nutrients like dock and comfrey.
  • Sea Kale. Edible
  • Grass Pea which I saved seed from last year and which I am now propagating. It is a legume like a sweet pea with a pretty sea blue flower and grass like leaves. I am using it as a nitrogen fixing green manure, in the same manner as vetch.

I have seen tour buses full of enthusiasts go here so there must be something in it. I like it.

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