Propagating Leeks Without Seeds


Propagating Leeks Without Seeds

A cool way to propagate leeks is to let them flower in May of their second year. As the pic on the left shows (sorry a bit blurred) very often the flower head produces mini leeks instead of flowers. This was May last year by the way, it’s taken me this long to get round to posting this. The mini-leeks are called Pips or Grass, depending on who you listen to. I’m going to call them pips (cos I like the word) and I ought to mention I learnt how to do this via the interwebfacepage when I first saw the strange things on my leek flower heads. I’ve tested this process by doing it and I’m now eating the leeks. Google leek pips if you want to learn more. I should add on the informationspacesuperhighwaypage the real pros delay the growing of the pips until next year (by keeping in the shade I think) and then growing on quickly from spring onwards to make normal large leeks.

The pips are attached tightly to the flower head and you literally have to tear them off. You may lose a lot of greenery doing this, but it is the baby bulbs at the bottom of the greenery that is attached to the flower head that you want. If you defoliate them they very often grow back. Once you have your pips disattached bung them in a pot or straight into the ground to grow on, the pips at this stage don’t have roots but if you dip the bottom of the baby bulb into the ground it soon will have.  Because this will be May or June you need to get them in the ground quickly so they can get big.

In my experience they won’t get massive in the time left of the growing season (and the next spring before they flower). But you could accept this, plant them closer together and more of them.  They are after all free and painless to do.

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