Mother Leek and Baby Leeks Part Two


Mother Leek and Baby Leeks Part Two

Mother leek and baby leeks

Mother leek and baby leeks

I noticed that some of the leeks at the end of the allotment (where I am making a bed of globe artichokes) are starting to clump. Just to make sure it wasn’t just a handful of leek seeds that I had accidentally dropped there, I dug one up to have a look. All the remaining leeks are now sending up flowering scapes, so what remains is no longer for eating – though I did scoff one of the flowering shoots just for fun and it was quite nice.

Anyway, the dug up leek had two baby leeks coming out of its base and were a good nine inches in length with two green leaves and a bulb that was about 4mm in diameter. I ripped them off and replanted them, chucking the mother on the compost heap. Breaking her in two showed that the entire leek had turned to stalk inside.

Of the two baby leeks (bulblets according to the RHS) one had no roots and the other I chopped off with a good chunk of the mother’s base plate and roots. I’m figuring this is the same as planting bulbils or sets, in the sense that when its baseplate touches earth it will send out its own roots. Anyway, only time will tell.

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