Hanham Court, Hanham, Bristol


Hanham Court, Hanham, Bristol

This is another site we often bring visitors to. It does, however, cost £6.50 to get in. It has changed hands, apparently, and this has told on both the quality of the planting (which is not quite as Chelsea as it was before) and by the owner (or one of her apparatchiks) following me around making sure I wasn’t stealing anything. This is, of course, the only posh half acre in Hanham so the poor darlings probably have a siege mentality by now. There is a tea room.

[mappress mapid=”4″]The photographs aren’t the main attraction (except to me). The main attraction is the sort of formal-yew-hedging-with-billowing-perennials that the British upper classes are (rightly) world famous for. The planting a couple of years ago was really that good and did indeed make the front pages of some glossy country life like magazines.

But I’m an allotmenteer and permaculturist(-ish) and giving over several hundred feet to echinops, dephiniums, verbena bonariensis, et al is not my bag. Well no I like looking at it, and the glorious landscape and the romantic building it surrounds but my politics bridle at it at the same time. It doesn’t stop me bringing my dad to have a look round, though.

The photographs I have shown are the potager which could have been integrated better IMHO and what looks like a private garden for someone who is letting a cottage but which I think has charm.

It’s not worth £6.50 unless you’re a gardening enthusiast in which case it probably is.

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