Dave’s Nursery


Dave’s Nursery

[mappress mapid=”9″]I was driving past a field near Frenchay in Bristol and spotted a sign for a nursery (see map). The nursery for which this sign appertained was one of bedding plants, cheap and cheerful but not really my cup of tea. I was about to leave when I spotted another set of polytunnels further on, and so I investigate. I find an Eleagnus Ebbingei, so far so good. I look some more and find some wisterias (nitrogen fixing ornamentals) and some large perpetual sweet peas (the same).

The owner turns up, a gentleman in retirement I would guess and who I presume is Dave, though I didn’t ask. I say I am into nitrogen fixers and unusual veg and he says: “follow me”. It’s been a bad year, apparently, for unusual veg – what with the changeable weather and all. But, he says, I have liquorice, pumpkins, Chinese chives and lemongrass. Liqourice! Nitrogen fixer and chewable roots! My interest is piqued. It has been 120 degrees in the polytunnel in the last couple of days. He is speaking in old money but I get the drift. Do you have perennial veg like scorzonera? I can grow anything you like he says, a real plant enthusiast. He tells me about plant selection and some French bloke who invented a scientific law about dominant genes. I talk about selecting onions for division and not flowering, part of my quest to reduce seed sowing in my life.

I come away with 4x perpetual sweet peas, a courgette and a liquorice. A good afternoon’s plant buying.

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