Allotment Update 24/3/14


Allotment Update 24/3/14

Leeks, Perennial Leeks, Elephant GarlicThis is my first allotment update of the year. Please don’t judge it by its looks as it’s early days. My overwintering food – perennial kales, leeks and perennial leeks – are providing me with lots of food and though I want to preserve the perennial kales (in place) the leeks I want to lift so I can grow new things in the space, most probably peas or broad beans. Some of the leeks I am going to leave where they are even though they will go to seed in, probably, May. I want to save seed and also collect the “king pods” which form at the base of bolting leeks.

Allotment Update 24/3/14The Elephant Garlic is doing well and so are the perennial leeks. The perennial leeks (Poireau Perpetuel) are naturally small and divide quickly like chives. As they don’t get big I should not have planted them so far apart but I felt that if I did space them widely I might get the odd large one. Over the next couple of years, though, I expect them to fill in the gaps with baby leeks. Poireau Perpetuel divides vegetatively instead of by seed.

Allotment Update 2 24/3/14I have been waiting for the Nine Star Broccoli to form curds but it is too early (I think it was May or June last year). Nine Star Broccoli is a perennial version of broccoli so if I make sure i get every head it will last more than two years. While I wait for the nine stars, the wild cabbage (now into its second year) is obliging me with nice sweet broccolis. They are only small but satisfying.

I have also been cutting my perennial kales. One I havent talked much about is Ehwiger Kohl which is the German version of Daubenton. There is not much difference except the leaves are a little more yellowy green and I think (I may be wrong) that it is a little more prostrate and spreading than Daubenton. The more I look at Taunton Deane the more I am convinced it is the American Purple Tree Collard. It grows above my head, has purpley blue leaves and never flowers. It also has a sweet taste raw. Anyway until I manage to inveigle my way into obtaining said collard I have no real way of telling.

Anyway that’s all for now. Cheers…

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