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New Crops and Talk Talk being the worst phone company I have been with.

Sorry for not posting for some time, I have been a busy (and this year, successful) gardener, I just have been locked out of my broadband by my phone company: Talk Talk. Talk Talk are a dreadful company. My phone line went down and two months later they still haven’t sent an engineer to fix it. The customer service people that I talked to were all lovely but not one managed to achieve the objective of sending someone round and some didn’t achieve objectives such as ‘definitely, definitely’ calling me back. They often tried phoning me on a line that doesn’t work and texted me on my mobile to let me know that. When I phoned them back I was stuck with a computerised switch board that wouldn’t let me talk to anyone. I was continually told that there was nothing wrong with my line and I was getting 20m a second, but then I’d explain that I’ve got no dial tone and the wrong lights on my router. They’d then say that there was something wrong and they’d send someone. But they wouldn’t. Read More

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