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Early seedlings update

Double cloche seedlings, early March

I’ve been practicing the intensive plant mollycoddling I have been learning from Americans. It pains me to have to acknowledge that our colonial friends may know a little something about growing veg. To the left is a photo (taken at dusk on a phone on 9th March 2016) of veg growing in late winter in the ground. I learnt from a couple of sources, all North American, that told me to use more than one cover (cloche) and that would markedly improve the conditions for the growth in winter of certain vegetables. It is very early and those peas (centre right top) are 10 inches tall. Read More


Bristol Seed Swap and Getting Started on the Allotment

Went to the Bristol Seed Swap at Feed Bristol which is a 3 or 4 acre plot on the edge of Bristol. They have a couple of polytunnels and some teaching facilities. One polytunnel I went into was very hot, much hotter than my greenhouse, and everything inside was growing nicely. Amongst the standard British annual veg there were a few more interesting (though not necessarily tastier) food crops including a mallow. Read More


Welsh Onions / Japanese Bunching Onions (the Same Thing)

Welsh onions and Japanese bunching onions are the same thing: Allium Fistulosum. They are recognisable from other onions because they have a round cross section when cutting through the leaves whereas the ordinary onion (Allium Cepa) has a ‘D’ shaped cross section. Read More


Perennial Kales (and Broccolis)

This category of posts exists so that the site can host a permanent knowledge base concerning those vegetables that are easy to save seed from, root cuttings from or divide. The reason for this is to reduce our dependence on garden centres and to make our gardens more self sufficient. Read More

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