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Worm bins and composting

It is deep in the winter and though it is not all that cold the garden is in the doldrums. I’m not wishing my life away, just the next two months. I’ve been subscribed to One Yard Revolution (on Youtube) for some time – I’m a fan – and his climate in the US is colder than mine here in blighty. Yet he is still growing leaf salads, even though his garden is under a foot of snow and he is doing this by using more than one cloche. Read More


Harvest for 2015

I found my notebook finally, it must have fallen behind something. I’ve entered it all into a spreadsheet and crunched the numbers. This sort of statistical thing really puts things into perspective as well as disperses any myths I have held about my garden. For example, I thought my winter squash harvest was about the same as my Sharks Fin Melon harvest. The SFM had double the weight of my more conventional squashes. Astonishingly it produced 13kgs from two plants and I don’t mollycoddle my plants (though I should). Read More


Final harvest of 86kg for 2015, Strategies for 2016. Oh and the Sharks Fin Melon is still alive despite the frosts

86kg is double what I harvested last year on my small urban plot. The final burst of 2.5 kg was from a squash that was hiding on my neighbours side of the hedge, as they do. An excellent year but obviously more to do if I am to really make this little patch of land productive. Limiting factors for me this (and every year) are slugs and not enough nutrients. I have taken steps today to remove all the mulch from my garden and bung it on the new compost heap. I will mulch with it again once it is fully composted. I felt it was not breaking down well enough and was robbing my plants of the nutrients they needed. According to Charles Dowding, the no-dig gardening guru, mulching with finished compost provides no hiding places for slugs and my own experience mostly bears this out. Slugs really are the number one annoyance for gardeners in this country (England). Read More

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