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Celery offsets, the allotment and the Sharks Fin Melon is still alive.

I planted some celery (variety: Victoria) in early summer which, now it is winter, is huge and only lightly touched with frost. Only a couple of leaves have slightly curled and the flavour is crisp, watery, mild and with a hint of saltiness – ie, perfect! This is a surprise to me as the things were bitter and soapy tasting in late summer, but I have to admit I know practically nothing about growing the stuff, I prioritise perennials not biennials, I just had the plants (and the land) spare. Read More


Greenhouse! Sharks Fin Melon Still alive in December!

I bought a greenhouse from B&Q, a standard 6ftx6ft aluminium job, and it being a clearance sale it was a *really* good price. It was however an experience putting it up – the box had obviously been on the shelf for some time and a snail had eaten half the instructions. But it was a good price and I pride myself on building Ikea furniture so a lump of glass and aluminium was not going to pose me too many problems. Well, it has been 2 and a half days and I still have 4 panes of glass to go in and I need to fix the door because all the ball bearings fell out of one of the runners. It would have been quicker if half the glass wasn’t smashed in the packs and the instructions for glazing that I was promised in the frame instructions would be in the glazing packs, were actually in the glazing packs. But trial and error, a modicum of resourcefulness and the thing is mostly up. It is enormous and dominates our garden in a way I didn’t really want it to, but once the thing is bursting with melons, cucumbers, tomatoes and chillis I will soon get over it. Read More

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