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Sharks Fin Melon, the hardier squash

The Sharks Fin Melon is not sweet as you would expect from a melon, it has more of a taste of cucumber, slightly sweet when raw and almost completely tasteless when cooked. It does provide bulk in your soups and stews and I like the texture which James Wong assures us is the same as the actual fin of a shark. Even better, the skin and seeds aren’t hard (and I’ve been picking them even up to this evening) so you can just chop them up like a courgette or cucumber and bung them in the pan. Add stock, garlic and other flavourful ingredients and it makes a decent amount of bulk and quick to prepare too. In fact it is the speed of preparation that endears this squash to me, it is easy to reach for and use and doesn’t require the finger endangering knife skills of say a mature Crown Prince. Read More


Harvest 83 kg so far, more welsh onion stuff and leek bulbils (pips / grass)

83 kilos! That’s double the yield of last year in my little urban plot and without importing fertiliser or ┬ámanure. I felt a bit embarrassed about posting that I was calling my backyard a food forest but the fruit trees and veg polyculture seem to be working. About 20kgs were pears and 8kg cherries, which is a significant haul, and amongst the veggies the most significant heavyweights were the squashes. 83 kilos is not the greatest yield possible on this site, inorganic fertilisers would produce much more, even a few barrow loads of horse manure would too. But the fact I have not contributed to wasting fossil fuels on my garden – and in fact have reduced wastage by recycling scraps and cardboard from the house into the garden veggies – means I am very happy with what I have achieved. Read More

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