Monthly Archive July 2015


30 kg harvest with 7.9kg of Cherries!

White roses and cold frame 17-7-2015My teeth hurt from all the cherries I’ve been eating, so many I’m a bit sick of them. I let them go a little bit longer than I should’ve done and many were splitting but what a taste. A week earlier would’ve been optimal but like many things timing is important. I am also now eating the blueberries and the extra time I have left them on the bush I believe has made them bigger, I think. I have improved the watering and feeding regime though, so that might be it. Many people rate blueberries as the best fruit but they came nowhere near as lovely as the cherries in my garden. Read More


Finally summer heat and the garden takes off

Yes it was rainy today (and mercifully cooler) but the last two days have been very hot and finally my second season plants take off. Those squash and chili plants that have spent two months in the doldrums put on a spurt of speed, so much so I can practically see them growing before my eyes. I say second season because for the gardener there are two main growing times of the year (arguably three). Read More

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