Monthly Archive May 2015


7.8 kg so far in 2015 and why I am calling my garden an ‘Urban Food Forest’

DSC_16867.8kg harvested so far in 2015, 5.8 of which was grown in the ground using only mulch and compost generated from resources on site and waste from the house such as cardboard packaging and veg peelings. Needless to say no human manure, that is a stretch too far for most people and besides no one will ever eat in my house again if I had. Read More


Mulches and Legumes

DSC_1672Things are looking up at the moment, the weather is good and my plants are shooting upwards at great speed. I recognise now that some of the problems I have experienced in previous years have been to do with poor watering as much as poor fertilisation. Those brown looking plants in July were screaming out to be watered but I was fostering the dodgy permaculture notions of self-regulating ecosystems, which might have been the case if I had covered the soil with mulch, an ecosystem system found in every forest that preserves water. They also preserve slugs and snails but my beer trap is reducing their numbers, what with my size 12s as well. Read More

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