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Overwintering Rocoto Chillis and Aubergines

Overwintering aubergine and rocoto chiliSome things are just not worth banging your head against a wall doing: overwintering tender plants when you can barely afford the central heating is one of them. Well I am on the verge of giving up on the african blue basil, which is very much suffering being down to less than a dozen leaves, but surprisingly I have managed to keep alive an aubergine plant this year – a feat I have singularly failed to achieve up til now despite several years trying. It’s not in bad nick, it has an unhealthy dose of green fly and a bit of some brown fungusy leaf thing. But it is still looking healthy, which is an achievement I can tell you, because normally when I bring in an aubergine plant in mid autumn it immediately goes pale cream coloured and dies. Read More


0.71 cubic metres of compost created – kerching!

I upended the compost dalek last week to find I have made 0.71 of a cubic metre of garden compost purely from garden waste and waste from the house. It didn’t look much at first sight but after 11 large buckets filled and their volume calculated I am chuffed. I am even more chuffed to see it mulched around my overwintering garden veggies, and evened out, it is more than the half inch of compost required by biointensive gardening and in some places is more like the 2 inches required by Charles Dowding’s system. I am confident that this is enough to feed the veggies for the first half of this year. Read More

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