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Vegetatively Propagating Leeks, Fertilising Potatoes With Comfrey.

Potatoes from one plant, fertilised by comfreyI’ve pretty much given up on the allotment now, all I’m doing is watering my leeks and waiting for autumn when I will dig it all properly and manure it heavily. I still want the plot because I have put in a massive amount of energy into it and I just don’t like giving up, but I screwed up really badly this year. I can’t believe I have spent so much time nurturing such things as artichokes to see them whither, but it is a lesson that needs learning: the land needs proper stewardship and I just wasn’t doing it. Read More


Sustainable compost, cabbages and onions

Sorry I have not been posting like I should have been, the broadband gave up the ghost and I just haven’t had the energy. As you would expect in July the garden is coming on in leaps and bounds and much like a conventional veggie gardener I am clearing the old to make way for a new crop going into autumn and winter. I found out last year just how useful the mild weather of autumn can be, especially without the dryness of summer. After finding it impossible to germinate seeds directly last summer I found it easy in the autumn, but to take advantage of the good summer weather in the backyard I am sowing in modules and transplanting. Very often I don’t sow, I take cuttings from some vegetables as if they were flowering herbaceous perennials and my garden was a cottage garden, and this works with brassicas even such fussy ones as cabbage Read More

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