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A Talk by Pennard Plants

I got my daubenton kale plants from a nursery near Shepton Mallet called Pennard Plants. Daubenton is very important to me because it is a well supported perennial kale that never flowers. Well when I saw a notice up saying there was going to be a talk by Pennard Plants in Bath I was excited and hoped there would be some discussion on perennial vegetables. It couldn’t have gone better for me. Read More


Overwintering African Blue Basil, Chillis, Aubergines and Dividing Scorzonera

Well first off I failed with the aubergines – it died a couple of months back and I forgot to let you all know. I’ve never got this to work even though Geoff Hamilton (the real Gardeners World presenter according to my dad – sorry Monty) says it is a perennial in two of his books. It may just be I haven’t twigged some really important aspect of overwintering it. If anyone knows how to do this please – I beg of you – drop me a line below.

The chillis are doing well and are showing only minor signs of being annoyed by winter. They are both still green. The African Blue Basil, as a perennial woody shrub, is still alive and both in leaf and in flower. I took 4 cuttings as an insurance policy and these, unfortunately, are taking a battering from some unseen pest. It’s not red spider mite like last time (there are no little orange bits nor wispy webs) but it is defoliating my cuttings. I need to pot them up and inspect them for pests.  Read More


Overwintering Blue Basil and Chillis Update

God how long is winter going to last? Hobbling out of my sick cavebed (chest infection) I’ve finally summoned the strength to get up and out, pretending that a few brief rays of sun amongst sheets of rain counts as a beginning to the season. But things are picking up, just look at the lengthening of daylight and thus the increase in light. Of course, in the UK winter really starts about now with inch thick frost on the car windscreen and the odd day of snow to look forward to in late Feb and March. So I am guilty again of optimism. Read More

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