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Instant Beginner’s Urban Permaculture Garden

Yes I know, that is a provocative title for a post but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. For a total beginner, without any gardening experience, or only a little – how do you set up a little sustainable edible garden at the back of an ordinary terraced house or council house in a city?. How do you do it and not have a high proportion of failures? How do you do it and have almost 100% success rate? Read More


Nitrogen Fixing Hedges (Visit to Chew Valley Trees)

Like everyone else I need to trim my hedges, and those trimmings are a welcome benefit to the compost pile. They may be woody and evergreen but nature (eventually) takes care of it and when eventually the summer compost material (pea, broad bean vines, etc) get added it makes a nice mix. Because of the hedge trimmings I get bulk. As well as providing privacy, a windbreak and a boundary for our property, the hedges are part of my strategy for keeping the garden fertile without going to B&Q to do it. Though they take up space they are nicer than a shiplap fence, though I spent years agonising whether to build brick walls and train beautiful fruit trees against them. That strategy would have greatly increased the warmth in the garden and provided more food (and space) but would have cost me about £700, so the agonising had to stop and I had to find alternatives. Read More


Jekka McVicar’s Herb Farm

I didn’t take any photos because in the past Jekka only opened her farm three or four times a year so the place really hadn’t occurred to me as a location for ‘places of interest’. I got there on Friday to discover that Jekka is opening the place every Friday over spring and summer (except May which they need to prepare for Chelsea) and running courses on Saturdays. This is good news as Jekka stocks a lot of plants you won’t find anywhere else, though if you can’t make it on Fridays you can buy online here. Read More

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