Monthly Archive February 2013


New Perennial Leeks

My Poireau Perpetuel (Perennial Leeks) from France have arrived (took 4 days to arrive). So have my Sand Leeks (took about a month to arrive from Chiltern Seeds, Ouch!). The sand leeks are also described as Rocambole, however the ┬álatin name suggests it is the Sand Leek which is sometimes described as Rocambole but isn’t the Rocambole garlic the French think of when they hear of the name. The sand leek is another perennial leek with a pretty blue flower that you cut down to the ground and regrow. Should it be the French Rocambole then I don’t mind either, because they are sustainable as well. Read More


Just Ordered Perennial Leeks From France

Now that I have approximately 20 minutes of daylight after work and my allotment is 300 yards from said work I am in a frenzy all of a sudden. I’ve been double digging. Yes, I know and I call myself a permaculturist. My wife says it is typical of me to be obsessed with not doing something one minute and then doing the opposite. And not just the opposite, the hardest to do version of the opposite. Read More

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