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These are my latest blog posts. I am putting a lot of effort into making Youtube videos - and I post more there. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Byadmin May 29, 2017

Developing Sensitivity; Aji Chillis and Woodlice

Note the semi-colon in the title: it was a bit "eats, shoots and leaves" when I had previously used a comma. Why are you developing woodlice, Mrs

Byadmin May 17, 2017

Rain at Last!

We've all been waiting for it, a long period of hot sun, cold wind, cold nights and no rain, have led to windburned plants dawdling along, not do

Byadmin May 9, 2017

A Bit Like Summer, But Too Early For Runner Beans

It was flipping freezing this morning, so much so I wore a coat. By Midday it was boiling again, which sort of illustrates the deceptiveness of t

Byadmin Apr 16, 2017

Fox Cubs and Other Joys of Spring (Like Coriander)

I've been planning the perfect blogpost / youtube video combo, but quite frankly if I carry on flaffing around I'm not going to achieve anything.